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We believe you that a structured yet lightweight approach to the capture of operating models facilitates not only ongoing process control and governance – but also allows your process owners to improve and automate your business.


opmodal is our one-stop-shop to address the challenges of repeatedly spending money on resources to refresh or redefine your operating model.

Designed to facilitate the capture and upkeep of the operating model as a living artefact, opmodal puts the ownership of the operating model back in the hands of your leaders.

By employing a standardised approach to process mapping, utilising Lean Six Sigma SIPOC maps, we remove the temptation to overcomplicate.

A robust review and sign-off workflow ensures that your Operating Model remains current.

E6 Process Excellence

LiqidSolutions believe your people and their processes need to be at the heart of your business strategy to ensure future success.

That is why we developed our  E6 Process Excellence Framework specifically designed to enable your business process owners to effect change where they know it will be most beneficial.

LiqidSolutions will help design and implement that foundation with you, creating a clear vision driven by a robust and forward-looking strategy to scale and embed a process excellence culture in your organisation. 

Automation Framework

Our  Intelligent Automation Framework is a concept for bringing emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), low code application development platforms, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bear and to transform the way organisations create and deliver services, interact with both internal and external customers and empower employees to embrace a new way of working.

The framework provides a mechanism for driving and sustaining process automation, ensuring each specific project’s objectives are met, delivered in a consistent and repeatable manner – and  aligned with an overall automation strategy.

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