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We like to build long term relationships with long term people, and have formed strategic partnerships
with technical specialists in the UK and internationally to help us deliver end-to-end solutions to complex challenges.


We selected example1 as our development partner when building our own tool, opmodal, due to their strong track record of delivering bespoke applications for fast-moving businesses – and their proven ability to provide first-class technical and user support.

Their ability to quickly implement our ideas in a hugely scalable framework and solve complex challenges in an elegant way gives us immense confidence in the ability of this team.


Our new strategic development partners actlogica bring actuarial and enterprise technology capabilities to our team. An ability to design and launch complex products in a very short time-frame is evidenced by the hugely successful launch of their Wrap platform, Mercury.

This allows IFAs in India to create, conduct and grow their practices with fully integrated CRM, OMS, financial Reporting and portfolio modelling tools.